WEEK 1: Infrastructure, Nomenclature and Units WEEK 2: Electricity Generation and Distribution
WEEK 3: Our Consumption History; WEEK 4: Wind Energy
WEEK 5: Solar Energy WEEK 6: Resource Depletion Issues; SwitchGrass
WEEK 7: Energy Storage and Alternative Fuels WEEK 8: Waves, Tides and Gulf Current
WEEK 9: To Carbon or Not to Carbon WEEK 10: Climate Change Issues
Your Grade Status going into the Final

Based on your total points, of which the average is 312 with standard deviation of 26:

  • if your above 330 your in the A range going into the final
  • If your between 295 amd 330 your in the B range going into the same final
  • If your below 295 your in the C range, once again, going into that same damn final

You can improve your grade if you do better than the average on the final.