A sort of Course Syllabus for Physics 410/510:

Fall Term 2015:

  • Class Meets MW 1600-1750 pm in Straub 254
  • There is no required textbook

The Course Website is:


Course Title: Atmospheric Stuff

What does that mean?

Topics could include:

  • Atmospheric Dynamics
  • Atmospheric Thermodynamics
  • Radiative Transfer
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Water vapor dynamics and precipitation
  • Atmosphere-Ocean Interactions
  • Deep Ocean Transport
  • Forecasting and observational Tools
  • Atmospheric Optics
  • Signatures of Climate Change

Each one of those topics is actually a complete course in any Atmospheric Science Department. That means this course will be a broad course aimed at making you more literate in these core areas of atmospheric science

Instructor: G. Bothun, Dept of Physics

  • Office/Lab: 417 Willamette Hall
  • email: dkmatter@uoregon.edu
  • office hours: just email me to schedule a time

Math Required:

At some point, we will be working with partial differential equations in this class. If you have never seen them before it likely won't be that big of deal.

Grading and Course Requirements:

  • Homework Assignments - probably 5 of them; these can be done with a partner

  • One Midterm: probably in Week 6

  • Comprehensive final